Matt Bush

The Story of Matt Bush: A Cautionary Tale

Matt Bush

“Like Josh Hamilton, another former top overall pick who struggled with addiction, Bush’s successes were redemptive, even inspiring to addicts who fight to stay clean for even a day or a week.Jeff Passan on Matt Bush

A friend of mine forwarded this excellent article on Matt Bush, written by Jeff Passan, national columnist for Yahoo Sports. Passan originally published this item on March 26th, 2012.

My friend and I had been recalling a similar (in some respects) situation that befell a former high school classmate–a multi-talented baseball player–from years ago. I knew some snippets of the Matt Bush story, but Jeff Passan’s reporting puts a chilling touch on this sad, cautionary tale.

“While Bush’s continued drinking added weight, neutered his bat speed and turned him into an everyday oaf, it didn’t affect his arm, the body part his addiction couldn’t steal, not yet. By the time the Padres decided to convert Bush to a pitcher in 2007, he had hit .219 in 259 games and committed more errors (76) than he drove in runs (70).” – Jeff Passan

Most of us know people who have self-destructive personalities. Some simply use will-power to overcome their weaknesses. Some develop a religious belief that helps them defeat the demons. Others are motivated to be productive through the strong love of family members. And, then there are some who are unable to overcome their self-destructive tendencies–and succumb to them. One of these days, medical science may find a way to chemically, or surgically, remove these maladies.

In the meantime, I believe you’ll be informed by Jeff Passan’s outstanding reporting. You should also consider following him on Twitter.
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