Hardest To Strike Out

Former Indians and Yankees infielder Joe Sewell's record of three strikeouts in 1932 are the fewest ever for a full season in MLB history.

Joe Sewell has the career record for hardest-to-strike-out (minimum 1,000 games). It took 62.6 at bats to strike out Sewell, meaning he only struck out 114 times in 7,132 ABs. Between 1925 and 1933, Sewell K’d less than 10 times per season. No one else is Major League Baseball history is even close.     […]

Greatest Players of All-Time Series: First Basemen–Total Defense

Dan-McGann 620

The following post represents Part Three in a presentation of the best First Basemen in the history of baseball. This list covers the greatest defensive performers at first base.     #11 (3 tied):   Ed Konetchy Ed Konetchy was a gifted defender at first base. He played 15 seasons for a number of National […]

History of Baseball: First Major League Player Born in China


One of my brother’s friends in New York recently asked him if he knew of any Major League baseball players that were born in China. As it turns out, there is one, and his story is indeed stranger than fiction. Henry Lees “Harry” Kingman played for the New York Yankees in 1914. Only a “cup […]