Incredible Base Stealers

Max Carey

Max Carey, fine outfielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates, in 1922, recorded a stolen base percentage of 96.2%, the only pre-1951 player to have a percentage of 92% or higher. That would make him the only one of 31 players to have a pre-1951 rating that high. In 1899, the Baltimore Orioles had a pair of […]

Most Consecutive Stolen Bases

Vince Coleman

Vince Coleman over the course of approximately a year, in 1988 and 1989, stole 50 consecutive bases without being thrown out. In 2006 and 2007, Ichiro Suzuki stole 45 consecutive bases without being thrown out. These are the only two players who have reached this plateau of consecutive steals. Lou Brock achieved 50+ stolen bases […]

Mike “King” Kelly: First of the American Baseball Legends

King Kelly

Mike “King” Kelly was the most popular player of the 19th century. In fact, he was the best known American of his time. He was handsome, projected charisma, and played the game with a natural flair for the dramatic. He was the single most important reason that women became attracted to baseball. Before Kelly, very […]

Greatest Players of All-Time Series–Position Players: Base Stealing/Base Running

John Ward 620

Here is a list of the top base stealers/base runners of all-time. We have used a formula that compares, era to era, a composite of base stealing and base running. The list has been pared down to the top 24 pictured below (click on the thumbnail to enlarge each picture). Hope you enjoy!   Players […]