200 Walk Seasons

Amos Rusie

Nolan Ryan and Amos Rusie, both famous for high 90s+ fastballs (and faster!), are the only two pitchers to have 2 seasons since 1893 with 200+ walks. Rusie gave up 218 walks in 1893–which is the record. He also walked 200 batters in 1894. Ryan gave up 204 walks in 1977, and 202 walks in […]

Hit-By-Pitch Records

Joe McGinnity

Joe McGinnity, one of the better pitchers around the turn of the 20th century, while with the National League’s Brooklyn franchise, set the Major League record for hitting batters with a pitch–with a total of 40 in 1900. These totals are since 1893. McGinnity also had a sidearm delivery which was difficult to control. Pink […]