Most Consecutive Strikeouts In A Game

Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver

Tom Seaver, called “Tom Terrific” by the fans, holds the Major League record for the most consecutive strikeouts in a game with 10–the last of 19 Ks he recorded in a game on April 22nd, 1970. Several pitchers, since 1893, have had 8 consecutive strikeouts in a game, including Nolan Ryan–twice. While with the California […]

Amos Rusie: The Pitcher Who Changed the Game

Amos Rusie Cover

Amos Rusie threw so hard, many fans swore they couldn’t see the ball when it left his hand. Experts believe he could “bring it” at 100mph–and that he routinely threw in the high 90s. His catcher, Dick Buckley, under his glove, placed a thin strip of lead covered in a handkerchief, and added a sponge […]

The Joys of Dream Team Baseball Rankings Debate: Nolan Ryan

Dream Team Baseball - Nolan Ryan

In looking over several Strat-o-matic baseball player cards years ago with some friends, we noted that the cards were based on stats from a particular season. “But what if one of my players happened to be injured half of that season?” one of my friends inquired. “That’s too bad,” I retorted, with some delight. If […]

Most Strikeouts All Time

Nolan Ryan

Nolan Ryan, who has the most strikeouts all time, also holds the Major League record for most career walks issued with a total of 2,795. The closest mark to him is Steve Carlton who recorded 1,833 free passes. Then comes Phil Niekro with 1,809. Early Wynn (1,775) and Bob Feller (1,764) are next. Bobo Newsom […]