Shoeless Joe Jackson: The Natural

Shoeless Joe Jackson Featured

If there was ever The Perfect Swing it was created by Shoeless Joe. It was described as “elegant” and “balletic”–a “natural” swing. And, it produced some of the most amazing numbers in the game. In 1910, Shoeless Joe Jackson was traded to the American League’s Cleveland franchise. It was the beginning of an astounding eleven […]

The Over 350 Club

Rogers Hornsby

Only 3 hitters ever recorded batting averages over .350 (minimum 1,500 at bats): Ty Cobb (left-handed), .366; Rogers Hornsby (right-handed), .358; and Joe Jackson (left-handed), .356.    

Wahoo Sam Crawford


Ty Cobb (left), “Shoeless Joe” Jackson (center) and Sam Crawford in 1912. Crawford, known as “Wahoo Sam” (he was from Wahoo, Nebraska), holds the career record for triples with 309. He was a line drive hitter with excellent base-running skills.    

The Greatest Players: Total Offense #1 through #45


This post ranks the 45 greatest players in the history of baseball based on their offensive performance. Forty of the players are described in previous posts covering Total Player Ratings; here, here, here and here. Five players not mentioned in those posts are described in further detail below.   #44 (two players are tied) Roger […]