Top RBI Seasons of All Time

Hack Wilson

The top 3 RBI seasons are by the Chicago Cubs’ Hack Wilson in 1930 with 191, the New York Yankees’ Lou Gehrig in 1931 with 184, and the Detroit Tigers’ Hank Greenberg in 1937 with 183. Of the top 55 RBI seasons, only 2 are from the 19th century, and both years are by Hall […]

Most RBI Per 9 Innings

Big Sam Thompson

Samuel “Big Sam” Thompson holds the career record for most RBIs per 9 innings played. No one else is even close. For example, in 1895, he averaged 1.387 RBIs per 9 innings; in 1894, his average was 1.382; and, in 1887, his average was 1.307. His closest competitor was Hack Wilson in 1930 who averaged 1.232 […]