The Joys of Dream Team Baseball Rankings Debate: Nolan Ryan

Dream Team Baseball - Nolan Ryan

In looking over several Strat-o-matic baseball player cards years ago with some friends, we noted that the cards were based on stats from a particular season. “But what if one of my players happened to be injured half of that season?” one of my friends inquired. “That’s too bad,” I retorted, with some delight. If […]

The Greatest Players: Total Defense #1 through #16 (excluding catchers)


This post ranks the 30 greatest players in the history of baseball based on their defensive performance (this list is for position players excluding catchers). Our defensive ratings include not only the ability to field and throw the ball, but also the players’ knowledge of the game, when and where to throw, positioning, the capability […]

History of Baseball: Greatest Players of All-Time Series (15 to 27)

Joseph Jefferson Jackson (1887–1951)

The following post is part of an ongoing series taken from Paul Gillespie’s book, ALL-TIME GREATS OF BASEBALL: My Top Picks At Each Position. These lists include the greatest offensive and defensive players in the history of baseball, extracted from a database Paul developed for the lifetime composite ratings and skill sets of players from […]