Most Career 1-0 Pitching Wins

Walter Johnson

Walter Johnson, “The Big Train”, has 38 career 1-0 wins. That is more than double his nearest competitor. Number two on this list is Grover Cleveland Alexander with 17 1-0 wins. Alexander is the only pitcher with 4 pitching Triple Crown seasons. Bert Blyleven is next with 15 career 1-0 victories. Christy Mathewson, “Big Six” […]

Eiji Sawamura: The First Great Japanese Pitcher


I first heard the legend of Eiji Sawamura when I was in elementary school. My Japanese friends in our neighborhood, and their fathers and grandfathers, told me about how he had struck out Ruth, Gehrig, Gehringer and Foxx… in order. My father confirmed the story, and filled in the missing parts of the legend. It seemed hard […]