Over The Hill And Over .300

Luke Appling

Hall of Fame shortstop Luke Appling has an amazing record. He is the only Major Leaguer to bat over .300 in a season–3 times–after turning 40 years of age. He batted .306 in 1947, .314 in 1948, and .301 in 1949. Only Barry Bonds, Paul Molitor and Hall of Famer Cap Anson have achieved the […]

The Greatest Players: Total Offense #1 through #45


This post ranks the 45 greatest players in the history of baseball based on their offensive performance. Forty of the players are described in previous posts covering Total Player Ratings; here, here, here and here. Five players not mentioned in those posts are described in further detail below.   #44 (two players are tied) Roger […]

History of Baseball: Greatest Players of All-Time Series (28 to 39)


The following post is part of an ongoing series taken from Paul Gillespie’s book, ALL-TIME GREATS OF BASEBALL: My Top Picks At Each Position. These lists include the greatest offensive and defensive players in the history of baseball, extracted from a database Paul developed for the lifetime composite ratings and skill sets of players from […]