Most Wild Pitches - Red Ames

Most Wild Pitches In A Season

Most Wild Pitches - Red Ames

“Personally, we have never seen the twirler with a curve like [Red] Ames. [Ed] Reulbach, when right, is a more or less close rival, but Ames is unbeatable.” – Baseball Magazine (November 1913, F.C. Lane).

Red Ames of the New York Giants has an interesting Major League record. In 1905, he was charged with 30 wild pitches, the most wild pitches in a season since 1893.

Tony Mullane, a notorious “head hunter”, was charged with 29 Wild Pitches in 1893. Mullane was a talented pitcher, but had what some called a “disagreeable disposition”, meaning that there were few batters who “dug in” when getting in the batters box.

In 1893 and 1894, the first two years following the change in the pitching distance from 50′ to 60′ 6″, there was an increase in wild pitches and walks.