Carl Hubbell

Most Consecutive Wins By A Pitcher

Carl Hubbell

“The screwball’s an unnatural pitch. Nature never intended a man to turn his hand like that throwing rocks at a bear.” — Carl Hubbell

Carl Hubbell, the Hall of Fame left-hander for the New York Giants, holds a singular pitching record–most consecutive wins by a pitcher. He once won 24 games in a row. This was accomplished over parts of two years, 1936 and 1937.

Roy Face of the Pittsburgh Pirates has the second longest consecutive wins by a pitcher with a streak of 22 (1958-1959).

Rube Marquard and Roger Clemens each had streaks of 20. Clemens recorded his streak in 1998-1999 (Toronto Blue Jays), although many discount his achievements due to his alleged connection to performance-enhancing drugs. Marquard’s streak was recorded during 1911-1912.

Interestingly, Marquard holds the record (1912-New York Giants) in a tie with Tim Keefe (1888-New York Giants) for most consecutive wins by a pitcher in a single season with 19.

The Giants seem to have a near monopoly on consecutive win streaks for pitchers.