Cy Young - 1903

Most Appearances By A Pitcher

Cy Young - 1903

“Too many pitchers, that’s all, there are just too many pitchers… ten or twelve on a team. Don’t see how any of them get enough work. Four starting pitchers and one relief man ought to be enough. Pitch ’em every three days and you’d find they’d get control and good, strong arms.”Cy Young (The Sporting News, February 1951). Photo source: Chicago Daily News negatives collection, courtesy of Chicago History Museum.

Cy Young, the man after whom the award for pitching excellence is named, is the only starting pitcher to have appeared in 900 games (906). Number 2 on the list of game appearances among starters is the knuckle-baller Phil Niekro with 864.

Eighteen relievers have made more appearances than Young. Jesse Orosco tops the list with 1,252, followed by John Franco (1,119) and Mike Stanton (1,109). Dennis Eckersley and knuckle-baller Hoyt Wilhelm are the next two 2 pitchers on the game appearances list with 1,071 and 1,070, respectively.

Both Eckersley and Wilhelm were also starters for parts of their careers. Eckersley pitched a no-hitter during his time as a starter.