Matt Holiday

MLB Championships: Holliday for the Cards!

On Friday, October 14th, Matt Holliday and his teammates put a whuppin’ on the Brewers, 7-1.

Matt Holliday

Though Holliday, Molina and clan did hit the ball well, the Brewers’ defense looked like the first day of Spring training. Error after error contributed to more unearned runs scored than the earned kind. Zack Greinke did not have great command, but found enough key pitches to keep Milwaukee in the contest had it not been for all the defensive miscues. The game could easily have been 2-1 Cards in the late innings

Jaime Garcia gave a good accounting on the hill–not his best outing, but good enough–even though Cards’ Manager Tony LaRussa pulled him early in favor of reliever Octavio Dotel. With just 4 2/3 innings for Jaime Garcia in Game 5, the Cardinals have not had a starting pitcher in for at least 6 innings in the NLCS. In 5 games, Cards’ starters have been removed before completing five innings a total of four times tying the 1984 Padres and ’98 Indians for the most starts of fewer than five innings in a single League Championship Series.

Now, the NLCS moves to Milwaukee for game 6, St. Louis leading 3 games to 2. Saturday is a travel day, with the next contest on Sunday. Stay tuned here for a preview tomorrow of the much anticipated game 6.

On Saturday, the ALCS resumes at the Ballpark in Arlington with the Rangers hosting the Detroit Tigers. More MLB Championships to come. The Rangers currently lead the series 3 games to 2, and are opening a new chapter in Texas Rangers baseball. The World Series 2011 may be right around the corner for the boys from Arlington.

It’s interesting to note that since the seven-game format was introduced to the League Championship Series in 1985, the winner of Game 4 has gone on to the World Series 15 times.

Max Scherzer draws the starting assignment for the Tigers, looking to follow up his fine outing in game 2. Facing Scherzer will be the young, talented left-hander, Derek Holland, who did not have his command in the aforementioned game 2. Holland is admittedly a work in progress though he made a great leap forward this year in learning to successfully repeat his delivery.

The Rangers are at home so look for them to break out the heavy lumber. Also, their highly touted bullpen is well-rested. At the end of the day, the starting pitcher with the best command will go a long way toward determining the outcome of this one. Give the Rangers a nod toward a series clinching victory in this game.

The only game in town… MLB Championship baseball!

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    I don’t know who Paul Gillespie is, but this is good stuff!  And what about this ULTIMATE BASEBALL THE GAME thing?  Sounds interesting.  Apparently, as the site claims, it’s not launched yet.  Anyone know when?