Lowest ERA For A Rookie

Lowest ERA For A Rookie Pitcher

Lowest ERA For A Rookie

“When Joe Jackson was asked who were the toughest pitchers he faced, he replied, ‘Harry Krause and Reb Russell.’ “ – Author David L. Fleitz in Shoeless: The Life and Times of Joe Jackson (March 2001).

The record for lowest ERA for a rookie pitcher in a season since 1893 (minimum 1.0 IP per scheduled game) is held by the Philadelphia Athletics’ Harry Krause in 1909 with 1.39.

Next is the Cubs’ Ed Reulbach (1905) with 1.42, followed by another Cub, Jack Pfiester (1906) with 1.51. Amazingly, the Cubs also had King Cole (1910), 1.80, and Carl Lundgren (1902), 1.97, on the list of the top 15 rookie ERA seasons.

These Cubs’ rookies all achieved their amazing rookie seasons in an 8 year span, 1902 to 1910. It is little wonder that together with pitchers Orval Overall and future Hall of Famer Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown that they were one of that decade’s dominant teams.

  • JK Gillespie

    Career ERA under 2.0 is amazing, no matter what planet you are pitching on.