Career Total Bases

Hank Aaron of the Milwaukee Braves narrowly avoids a collision with New York Yankee First baseman Bill “Moose” Skowron. (July 1958)

Hank Aaron holds the career total bases record by a wide margin with 6,856. He also scored over 100 runs a season for 15 seasons, a Major League record.      

Career High Slugging Percentage and OPS

George Herman "Babe" Ruth at Seattle’s Dugdale Park, October 19, 1924. (Source: file/MOHAI)

Babe Ruth holds the career record for Slugging Percentage with .690*. He also holds the career record for On Base plus Slugging Percentage with 1.164*. The leader in both categories among active MLB leaders at the time of this post? Albert Pujols (SLG .610 & OPS 1.027). *minimum 5,000 plate appearances    

Pete Rose Records

Pete Rose takes out Ray Fosse at home plate to score the winning run of the 1970 All-Star Game in Cincinnati. The National League won 5-4.

Pete “Charlie Hustle” Rose, currently banned from baseball for life, holds many records, at least 3 of which will probably never be broken: most career games played (3, 562), most career At Bats (14,053), and most career plate appearances (15,890).      

Career High On Base Percentages

Ted Williams with Mickey Mantle in 1959.

  Ted Williams holds the career record for On Base Percentage (minimum 5,000 plate appearances) with .482. Mickey Mantle holds the career record for OBP (minimum 5,000 PAs) for switch-hitters with .421. In case you’re wondering, the leader among active players, Todd Helton (over 7,000 PAs) has a career OBP of .419. As for switch-hitters, Lance […]

The Over 350 Club

Rogers Hornsby

Only 3 hitters ever recorded batting averages over .350 (minimum 1,500 at bats): Ty Cobb (left-handed), .366; Rogers Hornsby (right-handed), .358; and Joe Jackson (left-handed), .356.    

Wahoo Sam Crawford


Ty Cobb (left), “Shoeless Joe” Jackson (center) and Sam Crawford in 1912. Crawford, known as “Wahoo Sam” (he was from Wahoo, Nebraska), holds the career record for triples with 309. He was a line drive hitter with excellent base-running skills.