Season-high OBP For Right-Handed Hitters

Rogers Hornsby

Throughout the 1920s, “The Rajah” failed to hit .360 only once and was a 9-time National League on-base percentage leader (1920-1925, 1927, 1928 & 1931). Photo: March 19, 1936, Browns Spring Training, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Only 4 right-handed hitters have ever recorded an on-base percentage of .500+ for a single season. Rogers Hornsby, the greatest right-handed hitter in history, achieved a .507 OBP in 1924. Joe Kelley chalked up a .502 OBP figure in 1894, as did the remarkable Hugh Duffy in 1894. Ed Delahanty, one of only 3 hitters to ever bat over .400 in a season 3 times, registered a .500 OBP in 1895.

By the way, the other 2 hitters with three .400+ seasons are Rogers Hornsby and the incomparable Ty Cobb.

  • ramonesfan

    You hit the nail on the head by naming Rogers Hornsby the greatest right handed hitter of all time. Forget about Albert Pujols, they didn’t have steroids 80 or 90 years ago. Hornsby came by his numbers through sheer hitting talent.

    • Paul Gillespie

      Yes–The Rajah was the best! He was from Winters, Texas, and this is where he would “sit by the window and wait for Spring” during the off-season. A truly great hitter!