Ed Delahanty

400 Hitters Don’t Always Win Titles

Ed Delahanty

Ed Delahanty. “When you pitch to Delahanty, you just want to shut your eyes, say a prayer and chuck the ball. The Lord only knows what’ll happen after that.” – Crazy Schmit in Autumn Glory (Louis P. Masur, 2003)

In 1894, the Philadelphia Phillies claimed four .400 hitters, yet Boston’s Hugh Duffy won the batting title with a .440 clip. The four Phillies .400 hitters were batting race runner-up Tuck Turner at .418, followed by right fielder Sam Thompson and left fielder Ed Delahanty, each with .407, and center fielder Billy Hamilton with .404. Amazing, but true.

There were 4 other years in which the batting race runner-up batted over .400:

1895, outfielder Jesse Burkett, Cleveland Spiders won at .409, with the aforementioned Delahanty at .404.

1896, Burkett won again with .410, followed by short stop Hughie Jennings, Baltimore Orioles, at .401.

1911, outfielder Ty Cobb, Detroit Tigers, won the title with a .420 average, followed by Cleveland’s Shoeless Joe Jackson at .408.

1922, Hall of Fame first baseman George Sisler, St. Louis Browns won the title with a .414 average, followed by Cobb’s .401.